Welcome to Creating Delight:
Connecting Gratitude, Humor and Play.

creating-delight-cover-400It is our premise that you can’t always change the environment of where you work, learn, or live, but you can change the atmosphere.

  • In our book, you will find dozens of ideas for making that happen.
  • In our workshops, you will have hands-on opportunities to create delight that you can take back to your community or classroom.
  • Through our webinars and writings, multiple blogs, and Facebook group page you can ask questions, contribute more ideas, and continue to expand the possibilities.
  • Through our products and resources and our Creating Delight Pinterest board you will find many more ways to add delight, creativity, and humor to your settings.

A musical gratitude ivy-covered wall

Why delight?

  • Its synonyms include great pleasure, happiness, joy, enchantment, elation, and amusement.
  • It’s connected to light: lightheartedness, enlightenment, sunlight.
  • It suggests unexpected surprise. 

The aim of Creating Delight is to illustrate concrete ways you can bring that delight to others you serve – students/children, older adults, your family and friends . .


Why connect gratitude, humor, and play?

A “things I love” tree

These three elements all have the potential to

  • Foster greater happiness, a more hopeful outlook, more positive emotions and fewer negative feelings such as anger, envy, depression, loneliness, and anxiety
  • Help us savor life, live in the present
  • Strengthen relationships by building social bonds as we become more helpful, empathetic to others
  • Increase energy
  • Reduce stress
  • Boost our immune system, lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation
  • Facilitate communication, interrupt aggression
  • Create a positive atmosphere in which to work/live

How great is that?