Improv Art


A Potpourri of Street Art Whimsy

Another large art element in public places is the RedBall Project, created by American artist Kurt Perschke. This traveling, award-winning public art piece is considered “the world’s longest-running street art work,” and has been […]

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Super-sized Art

Further proof – if proof is needed – of Australians’ quirky sense of humor is the nearly cult status of Australia’s Big Things, upon which road trips are sometimes centered. The Big Things of […]

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Trompe L’oeil

As we noted in the last blog entry, Tineke Meirink takes photos of frequently unattractive industrial elements and enhances those photos with paints. The artists who focus on trompe l’oeil (fool the eye art) […]

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Do You See What I See?

The curb painting at left came to me years ago as a Twitter feed from Wilson da Silva (@wilsondasilva) with the caption “Street art doesn’t have to be large and towering to have an […]

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Lighting the Path

Dutch Artist Dan Roosegaarde paid a fascinating tribute to Vincent Van Gogh’s painting Starry Night by creating a bike path in Eindhoven. It’s a town where Van Gogh lived for about three years of […]

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Light in the Forest

It’s one thing to project light onto a building and quite another to light up a forest. We are all used to the beauty of holiday lights on all sorts of trees – I […]

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Lighting Up the Opera House

With this post I am starting another Improv Art series, this time on creating art with light. The variety is stunning. Among the most crowd pleasing in part because of the sheer size of […]

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Carl Warner loves his vegetables

English photographer Carl Warner first crossed my path sometime before his first coffee table book Food Landscapes was published in 2010. He said then that his initial intent was to make eating vegetables more […]

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