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Decorating the messages

In my last blog, I provided suggestions for messages to put inside all the enticing envelopes I have suggested making. Recently, I hosted a message-decorating gathering for the Good Fortune slips. The group was […]

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Fortune cookie: "Invest Wisely."

What should I say?

I admit that I’ve become obsessed with envelopes. I have written four blogs about them, and my late night relaxation ritual has lately been to cut and fold my way through at least a […]

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Making Envelopes from Magazine Ads

Making an inviting envelope from a Four Seasons ad Goal possibilities: Repurpose magazines for fun Create an envelope that says, “Open me!” with its inviting exterior; then write a positive message to place inside […]

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Chalk Painting on Leaves

An easy and lovely craft to do with older adults or intergenerationally is leaf painting using chalk markers. The markers work like other felt-tip markers, but look more like chalk and can be rubbed […]

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