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The Kaleidoscope Started It All

The other four light shows highlighted in this series depend on electricity, but light-based art began with natural sunlight shining through a static object like a stained glass window – or a kaleidoscope. According […]

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Dancing the Light Fantastic

We’ve talked about light shows on buildings, pathways, and trees, but it turns out that dancers can also be lit.  The troupe Light Balance appeared on America’s Got Talent and wowed both judges and […]

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Lighting the Path

Dutch Artist Dan Roosegaarde paid a fascinating tribute to Vincent Van Gogh’s painting Starry Night by creating a bike path in Eindhoven. It’s a town where Van Gogh lived for about three years of […]

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Light in the Forest

It’s one thing to project light onto a building and quite another to light up a forest. We are all used to the beauty of holiday lights on all sorts of trees – I […]

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Lighting Up the Opera House

With this post I am starting another Improv Art series, this time on creating art with light. The variety is stunning. Among the most crowd pleasing in part because of the sheer size of […]

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Carl Warner loves his vegetables

English photographer Carl Warner first crossed my path sometime before his first coffee table book Food Landscapes was published in 2010. He said then that his initial intent was to make eating vegetables more […]

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Making envelopes from calendars

This is the last of our blogs (at least for now) on the topic of arousing curiosity through colorful envelopes that beg to be opened. We talked about making mini-envelopes from the images in […]

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How to display your creations

Last week was about Good Fortunes, and I hope you downloaded the complete exercise with its many message ideas to make it easy to do. But what the download doesn’t cover is how to […]

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The Decorators

Terrarium cakes – cakes covered in butter frosting that resembles the plants found in a terrarium – are most famously the work of Jakarta-based pastry chef Iven Kawi, known on Instagram as IvenOven. She began […]

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Endless pairs

Such and Such from Patch Products is essentially a game about pairs. As a timed competition, the idea is to read all five clues on your card and get your team to fill in […]

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