Fortune cookie: "Invest Wisely."

What should I say?

I admit that I’ve become obsessed with envelopes. I have written four blogs about them, and my late night relaxation ritual has lately been to cut and fold my way through at least a […]

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Enticing envelopes from calendars

As noted in our earlier blogs on the topic of enticing envelopes, you can arouse a person’s curiosity about what’s inside by making the outside intriguing. We’ve talked about mini-envelopes. Now it’s time to […]

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Bashir Sultani – Salt sensations

This video shows the painstaking creation of a highly detailed sand mandela made over a period of 10 days by Tibetan monks dropping a single grain of sand at a time into the design. […]

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Gabbing about Gobblet

One of my favorite strategic thinking games is Gobblet. Gobblet is Tic-Tac-Toe on steroids. First, the new object is to get 4 of your cylinders in a row instead of just 3. Second, it […]

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Upping the Scrabble ante

Many years ago as a young mother, I was big into cooperative games. The other members of my competitive family were not. They played Scrabble® ruthlessly, entirely focused on points, while I was interested […]

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More enticing envelope designs

My cousin Julie set in motion my current obsession for making fun envelopes when she sent an article she wanted me to read in an envelope of a rose with only the address label […]

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Jump Starting Your Imagination

People have a tendency to think they need to solve puzzles created by others – crosswords, Sudoku – to keep their brains active, but using your imagination is even better. The goal in brain […]

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Food Art Intro

In spite of my culinary limitations, playing with food has always been deliciously appealing to me. I’m impressed by restaurants that pay attention to the presentation of their food, not only because of the […]

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Making Envelopes from Magazine Ads

Making an inviting envelope from a Four Seasons ad Goal possibilities: Repurpose magazines for fun Create an envelope that says, “Open me!” with its inviting exterior; then write a positive message to place inside […]

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